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7 HR Technology Trends Set to Impact the Recruitment Process in 2019

HR Technology Trends

No organization can function without Human Resources. These days, companies are adopting HR technology to make human resources perform better. Because of new technological innovations coming up over the next 12 months, HR technology will surely become an even more integral part of every business.

Recent transformations in the HR industry have already brought new and updated trends into practice and discarded the old-age people management systems. With artificial intelligence, social recruiting and other technology, human resource professionals have noticed a complete revolution in their work practices. In the coming future, these changes will become a common custom to be followed.

In this article, we will be talking about 7 HR Technology trends of 2019.


Whenever we talk about technology, we talk about Cloud. It has now acquired a stronghold in the industry. In fact, HR industry has already started using SaaS. Cloud-based human resource tools have simplified the process of people management. It also allowed professionals to move a step ahead of the traditional working style.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is dominating our lives slowly. We want to reduce manual efforts as much as possible and use machines to do all our work. Many organizations have already started using them in their recruitment process. Automation tools like resume parser have made it easy for both recruiters and candidates to get a better experience in the hiring process. With AI, routine tasks and internal communication can be automated at your workplace.

LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Age-old learning methods have now taken a backseat with the arrival of LMS. An upcoming trend is video learning which has been adopted by many companies. Professionals prefer them because they are new, unique and easy to use.

Integrated Tools

How great it will be if you can complete multiple tasks with one tool! Integrated tools serve this purpose in the form of unified dashboards and technological savvy platforms. These play an important role in people management. Now, it is crucial for the vendors to create such integrated solutions and meet the requirements of the recruiters.

Performance Management

Most of the companies no longer use rating methods and are shifting towards the concept of performance management. Keeping a check at the performance of employees was never automated but with new innovations and unique human resource software trends, this task can be done in seconds.


Security, be it related to data or documents, should never be compromised. The main responsibility of the employer is to protect employee’s data and maintain its privacy. Cloud and new trends in human resources software have ensured a complete protection of data.

Mobile Tools

Mobile-based technology is the need of the hour. The success of HR industry is related to employer-employee experience. Mobile applications allow users to have quick interactions to complete tasks.

The main focus of these trends is to untangle the complexities of human resource processes and make them more organized. With time, employers will be compelled to make these changes a part of their work culture.

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