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Do you have things to share with the world of sales, talent and leadership?

We are looking for new guest posts, interviews, features and press releases to share with our growing audience? Non-promotional content submitted this site is free. Should you wish to promote products and services, fees start from $150 per article.

Contact info@icenimarketing.com to learn about becoming a guest blogger or special sponsored content opportunities.

Submission Guidelines

In general, we ask that your piece follows these guidelines:

  1. ONLY articles saved as ‘Pending’ will be reviewed and published. 
  2. Original content: We will only accept original content. Please do not submit posts for consideration which have already been published elsewhere.
  3. Deadline: We will usually review and publish your submission within 30 days of submission.
  4. Reciprocal Link: We are happy for authors to include a link or two within articles and request that you offer a link on your online property to hr-gazette.com in part-exchange.
  5. Word count: Feature/analysis: 800 – 1000, Standard blog posts/opinion/commentary: 400-700, press releases: 400-600 words.
  6. Keywords: Feel free to suggest 1 keyword to tag the content for SEO
  7. Infographics: Infographics and branded images are considered to be commercial content and are, therefore, subject to advertising fees.
  8. Images: Do NOT submit images with your article. To ensure we adhere to copyright, we only use our own images.
  9. Links: No more than two links to your products or services within an article are permitted.
  10. Author details: Named author with picture and bio is required. We are happy to accept articles which are ghostwritten provided the named author is not from a PR or Marketing firm representing a client – rather, name the end client, please! All contributors must add their bio and picture.
  11. Author details: Using the submission form? Please include the following info relating to the author:
  • Author name
  • A short (approx 50 words) bio.
  • Author’s email address
  • A decent quality portrait photo (ideally .png or .jpg and at least minimum 300 x 300 pixels at 72dpi)
  • If the author has any social profiles such as a Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin page they would like mentioned, please include the links
  • Other images