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Author: S&T Team

Sales Compensation Plans for Millennials

Sales Compensation Plans

  Building an effective sales compensation plan that is well suited to the needs of your business and your employees is no easy feat. And now with millennials holding the place as the largest generation in the workforce, many businesses are coming to realise that they need to go back to the drawing board when it […]

Top 100 Sales Experts – Part Two

Top 100 Sales Experts

Top Sales and Leadership Influencers: Part 2 We are lucky to get to collaborate with dozens of amazing and super-influential sales experts across Canada, US, UK and elsewhere. As part of our homework, we seek out new and established sales and leadership experts. In no particular order, here are 10 of our top 100 global […]

Why Recruitment is a Form of Selling

sales and recruitment

Are you are a recruiter? Then guess what? You work in sales! Why? Because the tools and skills you need to achieve success in sales are one and the same. Here’s why recruitment is a form of selling. You’re Selling an Opportunity, Company or Employee Whether you’re an internal or external recruiter, just as in […]