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Author: Bill Banham

Educating Salespeople – the Role of the HR Department

Professional Development Plan for Salespeople

In the first HRchat interview of 2019, I spoke with Natalie Wong, HR Manager at the CPSA about why HR departments need to up their game to attract and retain top sales and customer service-focused employees. Natalie oversees HR and recruitment initiatives at CPSA. With a progressive career in HR and Operations Management, for the past 19 years, Natalie […]

The Essential Skills All Recruiters and Salespeople Need

Recruiters and Salespeople

Recruiters and salespeople have much in common. First off, unfair, negative stereotypes exist for both roles: Salespeople are brassy and aggressive! They’re always trying to sell people stuff they don’t need! Recruiters are pushy! They don’t care about the candidate’s/opportunities’ suitability so long as they make a placement! While these stereotypes are far removed from […]

How HR Can Support Sales Training

sales training

How Can HR Departments Support Sales Training? We know that great sales training has many benefits: number one, it can help sales pros close more deals. But it can also boost the performance of sales support staff, it can improve sales team morale and employee retention, it can act as an added non-monetary benefit and […]

Mike Kunkle – Sales Readiness Diagnostics

Sales Readiness Diagnostics

In the September 2018 episode of the CPSA’s SalesProChat podcast, I spoke with Mike Kunkle about how to understand if one’s sales team is really ready to sell. Sales readiness ensures sales reps and managers are prepared with the competencies and resources needed to engage with potential buyers and current customers, uncover opportunities, and manage those […]

Norma Kraay – Getting Ready to Lead an Office of Millennnials and Gen Z

young sales pros

In this HRchat episode, I spoke with Norma Kraay, Deloitte Canada’s Managing Partner of Talent and Chief Talent Officer. Norma is a seasoned business professional who has been with the firm for over 20 years. Listen as we discuss how companies can ensure readiness for a Millennial-Centennial mix in the office.   More About Norma […]