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Author: Bill Banham

David Hoffeld – Putting More Science into Sales

In the July 2018 #SalesProChat episode, I spoke with David Hoffeld, CEO and chief sales trainer at the Hoffeld Group. David outlined some pretty powerful ways to put more science into one’s sales strategy. David has pioneered a sales approach based on neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics that radically increases sales. He’s also the […]

How to Get More From Your Sales Execs

Ways to Develop Your Best Salespeople The CPSA’S Sales Compensation show recently interviewed Sales Resource Group President, Dave Johnston. The episode considers strategies to reward and develop your best salespeople. Listen to this episode of the CPSA Sales Compensation Podcast and discover: * Why is it important to develop sales talent from within? * What […]

Colleen Francis – Do Team Players Finish Last?

sales talent

the best sales people are focused on their own targets In the April 2018 SalesProChat show, I got the chance to chat with Canadian sales expert Colleen Francis about ways sales pros can and should work in teams. “Many sales leaders and companies make the mistake that a sales team is like a soccer team […]

Neil Ryland – Leading a Millennial Salesforce

managing millennials in sales

In the May 2018 SalesProChat podcast, I spoke with Neil Ryland, Chief Revenue Officer at Peakon about trends and strategies connected with managing a winning sales team of Millennials, Gen Xers and those in between aka Xennials. Neil Ryland is the Chief Revenue Officer at Peakon. He is experienced in developing successful sales and renewal strategies, […]

Top 100 Sales Experts – Part One

top sales and leadership influencers: part 1 We are lucky to get to collaborate with dozens of amazing and super-influential sales experts across Canada, US, UK and elsewhere. As part of our homework, we seek out new and established sales and leadership experts. In no particular order, here are 10 of our top 100 global […]

Jennifer Koss – Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Salespeople

what to look for when hiring sales execs In this episode of the CPSA Recruitment and Talent show, Kevin W. Grossman talked with Jennifer Koss, Sr. Account Director of Strategic Operations at WilsonHCG about what recruiters really should look for in sales candidates. Check out bonus soundbites including: Top tips to find candidates who’ll actually make a […]

Mark Hunter – Traits of Top Leaders

sales talent

In this episode of Sales Tips For The Pros, Kristen Harcourt and sales superstar Mark Hunter look at the qualities and qualifications associated with the very best in sales. Mark considers sales leadership strategy and top tips. Mark Hunter is a prominent sales expert recognized for his cutting-edge thought leadership, entertaining value and actionable strategies.

Who Should Decide Sales Training Budgets?

Sales Training Budgets

Sales training is a great investment for your company. But when it comes to deciding on budgets who should decide on what spend is necessary. Ultimately, the budget for sales training depends on a combination of your organisational goals, the current challenges your business is facing, and the individual strengths and weaknesses of your sales […]