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The Beneficial Partnership Between AI and HR

Artificial Intelligence

There has been a lot of talk around the impact AI will have on the HR industry.  There are fear mongers who say AI will make HR obsolete but I disagree.  I believe AI will become HR’s new tool to overcome some of the oldest issues in Talent Acquisition, Management & retention.  The AI enhancements […]

Treating New Employees Like New Clients

new employees

We all understand the value and benefits of a positive employee experience, particularly in those heady first days of recruitment and new hire onboarding. But how many companies are guilty of setting and forgetting the employee experience once they enter the system? The candidate may have a wonderful recruitment experience, building a relationship with the […]

Tibor Shanto on First Sales and Talent Toronto Meetup

Sales and Talent Meetup

The great thing about living in Toronto, is the great diversity we enjoy in all aspects of our lives.  As a Sales professional, I have had the opportunity to work with a great group of sellers who have challenged and been challenged by their chosen profession, their customers and employers.  And while there are many […]

Educating Salespeople – the Role of the HR Department

Professional Development Plan for Salespeople

In the first HRchat interview of 2019, I spoke with Natalie Wong, HR Manager at the CPSA about why HR departments need to up their game to attract and retain top sales and customer service-focused employees. Natalie oversees HR and recruitment initiatives at CPSA. With a progressive career in HR and Operations Management, for the past 19 years, Natalie […]

7 HR Technology Trends Set to Impact the Recruitment Process in 2019

HR Technology Trends

No organization can function without Human Resources. These days, companies are adopting HR technology to make human resources perform better. Because of new technological innovations coming up over the next 12 months, HR technology will surely become an even more integral part of every business. Recent transformations in the HR industry have already brought new and updated […]

The Essential Skills All Recruiters and Salespeople Need

Recruiters and Salespeople

Recruiters and salespeople have much in common. First off, unfair, negative stereotypes exist for both roles: Salespeople are brassy and aggressive! They’re always trying to sell people stuff they don’t need! Recruiters are pushy! They don’t care about the candidate’s/opportunities’ suitability so long as they make a placement! While these stereotypes are far removed from […]

IT Recruitment: Seven Secrets

IT Recruitment

There are various agencies that you can turn to when you need to find employment. The companies specialize in getting you into the best job suitable for your experience and technical competence. Finding jobs for your clients is not that easy. There is a risk of mismatching your clients with inappropriate job descriptions. IT recruitment […]

How HR Can Support Sales Training

sales training

How Can HR Departments Support Sales Training? We know that great sales training has many benefits: number one, it can help sales pros close more deals. But it can also boost the performance of sales support staff, it can improve sales team morale and employee retention, it can act as an added non-monetary benefit and […]

How to Improve Employee Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

We are bombarded on every side with requests for communication. Perhaps in an attempt to accommodate this rise in request for our attention, we have developed a sort of commonly accepted shorthand in the form of acronyms, abbreviations and simple letter substitutions for words. While this is certainly understandable, there is still a time and […]