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Educating Salespeople – the Role of the HR Department

Professional Development Plan for Salespeople

In the first HRchat interview of 2019, I spoke with Natalie Wong, HR Manager at the CPSA about why HR departments need to up their game to attract and retain top sales and customer service-focused employees. Natalie oversees HR and recruitment initiatives at CPSA. With a progressive career in HR and Operations Management, for the past 19 years, Natalie […]

Mike Kunkle – Sales Readiness Diagnostics

Sales Readiness Diagnostics

In the September 2018 episode of the CPSA’s SalesProChat podcast, I spoke with Mike Kunkle about how to understand if one’s sales team is really ready to sell. Sales readiness ensures sales reps and managers are prepared with the competencies and resources needed to engage with potential buyers and current customers, uncover opportunities, and manage those […]

Norma Kraay – Getting Ready to Lead an Office of Millennnials and Gen Z

young sales pros

In this HRchat episode, I spoke with Norma Kraay, Deloitte Canada’s Managing Partner of Talent and Chief Talent Officer. Norma is a seasoned business professional who has been with the firm for over 20 years. Listen as we discuss how companies can ensure readiness for a Millennial-Centennial mix in the office.   More About Norma […]

David Hoffeld – Putting More Science into Sales

In the July 2018 #SalesProChat episode, I spoke with David Hoffeld, CEO and chief sales trainer at the Hoffeld Group. David outlined some pretty powerful ways to put more science into one’s sales strategy. David has pioneered a sales approach based on neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics that radically increases sales. He’s also the […]

Colleen Francis – Do Team Players Finish Last?

sales talent

the best sales people are focused on their own targets In the April 2018 SalesProChat show, I got the chance to chat with Canadian sales expert Colleen Francis about ways sales pros can and should work in teams. “Many sales leaders and companies make the mistake that a sales team is like a soccer team […]