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The Essential Skills All Recruiters and Salespeople Need

Recruiters and Salespeople

Recruiters and salespeople have much in common. First off, unfair, negative stereotypes exist for both roles: Salespeople are brassy and aggressive! They’re always trying to sell people stuff they don’t need! Recruiters are pushy! They don’t care about the candidate’s/opportunities’ suitability so long as they make a placement! While these stereotypes are far removed from […]

IT Recruitment: Seven Secrets

IT Recruitment

There are various agencies that you can turn to when you need to find employment. The companies specialize in getting you into the best job suitable for your experience and technical competence. Finding jobs for your clients is not that easy. There is a risk of mismatching your clients with inappropriate job descriptions. IT recruitment […]

Why Recruitment is a Form of Selling

sales and recruitment

Are you are a recruiter? Then guess what? You work in sales! Why? Because the tools and skills you need to achieve success in sales are one and the same. Here’s why recruitment is a form of selling. You’re Selling an Opportunity, Company or Employee Whether you’re an internal or external recruiter, just as in […]