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Educating Salespeople – the Role of the HR Department

Professional Development Plan for Salespeople

In the first HRchat interview of 2019, I spoke with Natalie Wong, HR Manager at the CPSA about why HR departments need to up their game to attract and retain top sales and customer service-focused employees.

Natalie oversees HR and recruitment initiatives at CPSA. With a progressive career in HR and Operations Management, for the past 19 years, Natalie has taken pride in being an employee advocate, understanding the critical balance of talent and fit in assuring long-term staff retention.

She has served organizations of varying sizes in the Advertising, Technology/Software, and Creative sectors, always understanding that at the core – an organization’s people are its greatest assets.

Listen to get an insider’s take on why HR needs to start taking sales education more seriously and how the best employer brands are giving their people the opportunity and training to grow.

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