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Jamie Shanks – Rejection, Resilience and Professional Development

Jamie Shanks

Managing Rejection and Embracing Resilience to Become a Top Sales Pro with Jamie Shanks

Most of us face rejection and a need for resilience at some time in our professional and personal lives. Learning how to manage rejection and embrace resilience will better prepare you for your development as a sales pro and as a leader.

For sales-focused professionals, “no” is not only a word you hear frequently but it’s also one that carries the heavy weight of lost opportunities in a competitive environment. I hate to tell you this, but sales rejection is still a downer no matter how many times you’ve been around the sales block.

But to be a successful sales rep, resiliency is key. You can’t let rejection stop you in your tracks; you just have to keep going until you make your quota.

Listen to this interview I conducted with sales expert Jamie Shanks.

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