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Mario Martinez Jr. – Podcasting Should Be Part of Your Social Selling Toolkit!

Social Selling Toolkit

How Podcasts are Rocking B2B Content

Did you know that over 15% of people in the US and Canada listen to a podcast at least weekly?! That’s a whopping five times more than goes to the movies each week. Monthly listeners in 2017 was up 14% on 2016, and the numbers just keep growing in 2018.

It is an exciting time for podcasting. In terms of content marketing, podcasting is fast becoming the new blogging! Those sales and marketing pros who add podcasting to their communication efforts can reap big rewards.

In this episode of the CPSA Social Selling and Tech show, I spoke with Mario Martinez Jr., about developing podcasts and how businesses that add podcasting to their sales and marketing efforts can reap serious rewards.

Mario Martinez Jr. is a speaker, digital & social selling expert, CEO and Founder of Vengreso and has been a speaker at events like AMPlify, The Employee Advocacy & Engagement Conference.

Liasten as we chat about all things related to your social selling toolkit.

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