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Mike Kunkle – Sales Readiness Diagnostics

Sales Readiness Diagnostics

In the September 2018 episode of the CPSA’s SalesProChat podcast, I spoke with Mike Kunkle about how to understand if one’s sales team is really ready to sell.

Sales readiness ensures sales reps and managers are prepared with the competencies and resources needed to engage with potential buyers and current customers, uncover opportunities, and manage those opportunities to a successful conclusion.

Mike is a globally recognized sales transformation architect and sales enablement expert. He is also the founder and Chief Sales Transformation Architect for Transforming Sales Results. Mike has spent a quarter of a century as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies.

Listen to the show as Mike shares insights into how more sales can come from training, skill development, skills transfer, coaching to mastery, the strategic use of content, and sound sales management practices.

Hear Mike’s take on questions including:

  1. What exactly is sales readiness and what daily problems are occurring when sell leaders fail to understand it?
  2. How can sales readiness assessments help sales leaders evaluate the current state of their sales enablement practices?
  3. What are the key parts that go into diagnosing one’s sales readiness?

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