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Norma Kraay – Getting Ready to Lead an Office of Millennnials and Gen Z

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In this HRchat episode, I spoke with Norma Kraay, Deloitte Canada’s Managing Partner of Talent and Chief Talent Officer. Norma is a seasoned business professional who has been with the firm for over 20 years. Listen as we discuss how companies can ensure readiness for a Millennial-Centennial mix in the office.


More About Norma Kraay

Norma has spent much of her career in Deloitte’s Tax practice.

In March 2018, she was appointed as the firm’s Managing Partner of Talent, where she leads the Talent Advisory, Talent Acquisition, Talent Operations, People Analytics & Mobility and Employee Experience teams, and ultimately impacts the firm’s culture while positioning it as a top choice for talent in the market.

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