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Ten Top Sales Prospecting Technologies

Sales Prospecting Technologies

One of the biggest challenges in sales is keeping your pipeline full. Prospecting, networking, pitching, cold calls, negotiating – every part of the sales process takes time, energy and effort. Luckily, tech is here to help! Today’s sales pros have a wide range of useful apps, software and tech available to automate parts of the prospecting process, so you can focus on what you do best: selling. Here’s our ten top sales prospecting technologies you need to know about.

One: Detective by Charlie

This app’s name says it all; Detective by Charlie is your own personal P.I. who does the heavy research on your behalf. Research is one of the most time-consuming aspects of prospecting. This app sifts through thousands of online sources and even syncs with your calendar app to send you a one-pager of all the people with whom you have meetings. Using automation in your sales research process not only saves you time, but it can also help you increase the personalisation in your pitch and sell with real value to your prospect.  

Two: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo’s online contact database can help you find the prospects you want. You can search their platform based on location, industry, company size, company revenue, job title etc. Prospecting is tough when you can get the contact details for the decision makers you are gunning for. Using big data and AI, ZoomInfo assert that their database provides access to the most direct numbers and email addresses possible.

Three: Datanyze

If you are in sales tech, then you NEED Datanyze. This app has a discovery tool that continuously evaluates millions of websites to reveal what technologies are being used – and discontinued.  Not only does this let you know who is using your solution, it tells you who is using your competitors allowing you to swoop in when they part ways or even steal them away with your sales skills.

Four: Sales Navigator by LinkedIn

If you’re not using LinkedIn’s premium solution, Sales Navigator, my question is, why not?! While regular LinkedIn is great for prospecting, Sales Navigator will take your social media prospecting to the next level. You can easily build prospect lists based on decision makers’ job titles and responsibilities. You can also find meaningful ways to engage with prospects by monitoring relevant discussions.

Five: Crystalknows

CrystalKnows allows you to personalise your pitch to suit your prospect’s personality. In days of yore, it wouldn’t be until your first interaction with a potential buyer that you could get insights into their personality. By gathering data from email discussions and public social media profiles, CrystalKnows gives you a heads up – it tells you ahead of time how to adapt your communication style based on your prospect’s personality.

Six: EverString

Using big data, EverString fills your sales pipeline with best-fit accounts.  They aim to help you discover companies actively researching your solution and their platform is fully automated and powered by AI-human integration for greater accuracy and a continuous data refresh.

Seven: Nudge

This AI-powered tool is the nudge you need to access any prospect on your list. Nudge does the research for you and also uncovers your business’ previous relationship history. The platform can integrate with most of your existing tools an workflows. You can bring in your target account lists from your CRM and then Nudge automatically gives you a daily brief on the best accounts to call on based on recent events.

Eight: Slik

Slik wants to kill off manual prospecting for good. Their database includes over 70 million prospects with contextual data about decision makers. They claim to have the highest email accuracy on the market, more than 95%, and an advanced filtering system to help you create highly targeted lists.

Nine: Growbots

Growbots offers prospecting and outreach in three simple steps. You select your target market and instantly get an AI-tailored list of potential customers.  Next use the platform to create personalized emails and schedule your campaigns. Growbots will then automate the emails along with follow-ups to reach your prospects at the right time. From here you can optimise your results going forward, the system learns and will only suggest prospects matching your most responsive prospects for future outreach to increase results by 40% within a month.

Ten: Seamless

Seamless promises to help you instantly acquire your total addressable market through their AI platform. A big claim indeed! They say they have the world’s largest contacts database that you can leverage to build a massive list of prospects including (perfect) emails, phone numbers and insights.