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The Essential Skills All Recruiters and Salespeople Need

Recruiters and Salespeople

Recruiters and salespeople have much in common. First off, unfair, negative stereotypes exist for both roles: Salespeople are brassy and aggressive! They’re always trying to sell people stuff they don’t need! Recruiters are pushy! They don’t care about the candidate’s/opportunities’ suitability so long as they make a placement!

While these stereotypes are far removed from most modern recruiters and salespeople, they do highlight some of the similarities that exist. Both recruiters and salespeople are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, they need to be good relationship builders, and both have a goal to find solutions and close deals. Because they have so much in common, there are essential skills that all recruiters and salespeople need to be successful. Read on to learn more.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Skills

Lead generation is key for sales and recruitment. Salespeople need to fill their pipeline with opportunities if they are to meet quota. They must become adept at using a variety of different channels to draw in new prospects and qualify leads, from email to social selling to networking events to tradeshows to speaking engagement.

Recruiters are much the same. They are constantly on the lookout for great candidates/opportunities and they look in similar places. Social media and networking events are top avenues to explore when prospecting as a recruiter.

People Skills

The ability to build strong relationships is fundamental to both recruiters and salespeople. In a world where technology is taking over many of the traditional aspects of both sales and recruitment, people skills are the aspect of the job that AI and tech will never fill.  Building and nurturing great relationships in sales is what turns prospects into customers and then again into recurring revenue. For recruiters, great people skills are what distinguish you from the pack and turn passive candidates into new hires. For both recruiters and salespeople, a great way to get new business is through referrals – and those only come with great relationships. So excellent people skills are essential!

Problem-Solving Skills

The most successful recruiters and salespeople know that success comes down to finding the right solution for the client’s problem. For those in sales, it’s about being able to identify the needs of the prospect or customer and then demonstrating how their product or service is the best fit. Sometimes they’ll have to think outside the box to tailor a solution so it’s mutually beneficial to both the company and the customer.

Similarly, recruiters must identify the needs of both companies looking to fill positions and job seekers looking to find the right opportunity. Like a complex puzzle, the right fit might not be immediately obvious, but by analysing what both the company AND the job seeker are truly looking for, they can find a solution that’s win-win for both.

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