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Top 100 Sales Experts – Part Two

Top 100 Sales Experts

Top Sales and Leadership Influencers: Part 2

We are lucky to get to collaborate with dozens of amazing and super-influential sales experts across Canada, US, UK and elsewhere.

As part of our homework, we seek out new and established sales and leadership experts. In no particular order, here are 10 of our top 100 global sales thought leaders.

Jerry Acuff

Jerry is a veteran sales guru, consultant and speaker on issues connected with sales and marketing excellence for over 20 years. Jerry shared his learning and insights in his three bestselling books The Relationship Edge The Relationship Edge in Business and Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer. His confident speaking style and engaging capability made him a well recognized speaker on sales strategies.

Neil Rackham

Sales guru and speaker and writer on sales strategies. Three of his books appeared on the New York Times best seller list and his works have been translated into over 50 languages. His book Rethinking The Sales Force has received wide acclaim from critics, academics and salespeople. As a global conference speaker, Neil has shared the platform with notable leaders such as Tom Peters, General Colin Powell, Philip Kotler and many others. A combination of humor, passion and group interaction, his presentation stimulates and challenges his audiences to reach new heights in the world of professional selling.

Jim Cathcart

Author of books including the international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle (St. Martin’s Press) and Relationship Selling (Leading Authorities Press, Macmillan, Advantage Quest). Mr. Cathcart was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame and has delivered over 2.800 professional speeches around the world. His most recent presentations have included: Barcelona, Spain; Caracas, VZ; Macau, China; Santiago, Chile; and Warsaw, Poland. He is also a popular Rock & Roll guitarist/singer and performs regularly in night clubs and at conventions.

Anneke Seley

Sales guru who pioneered the Sales 2.0 technique that brought a better bottom line result of sales in businesses with the use of innovative sales practices enabling Web 2.0 and next generation technology.Seley is the designer of OracleDirect, Oracles revolutionary inside sales operation.Jointly with Holloway, this is a firm that helps businesses build and restructure sales teams with a view to achieving predictable, measurable and sustainable growth in sales, using Sales 2.0 principles. Anneke Seley innovated a totally creative way of doing successful sales which is a guideline for the sales guys even today.Her sessions are highly interactive and conversational focusing on both buyer and seller side.

Blair Singer

CEO and Co Founder of SalesPartners Worldwide, a global franchise network of professional mentors and business builders especially on sales. He established Little Voice Mastery Institute the virtual learning center that helps people move beyond their Little Voice to become the bigger more powerful people they were meant to be. Blair Singer created SalesDog methodology that offers life changing sales and communication success.

Steli Efti

Steli is the co-founder and CEO at Close.io, a CRM SaaS company popular among startups. Steli is the king of direct advice. He doesn’t hold back. Because of that, you can sense his passion for genuine and authentic sales in each one of his blog videos. He lends advice on every sales topic you can think of including cold calling, prospecting, and negotiations.

Gerry Moran

Gerry Moran is a social selling pro, which is what he primarily tweets about – sharing interesting stats and trends around engagement and sales. He’s the brains behind the Marketing Think blog, where he shares more in-depth research, insights, and advice around marketing and sales.

Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter is the CEO of SalesLoft, a sales development platform. Previously, he was the VP of Marketing for NanoLumens, where he built the sales and marketing organization and helped the company raise over $12mm in investment capital. Kyle tweets tips for your sales process, strategy, building a pipeline, and more.

Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff has a track of extensive selling for companies and closing complex sales deals. Oren is the Managing Director at Intersection Capital at Beverly Hills, California and #1 best seller author of the book Pitch Anything which can be read not only to do better in the sales process but also for wining in everyday life. He says he read the books of sales trainer Tom Hopkins, which inspired him.

Geoffrey James

Geoffrey is best known for his popular sales oriented blog Sales Source on Inc.com. Also he has published hundreds of sales articles in national magazines such as Mens Health Wired, Brandweek, Technology Marketing and SellingPower. His book Business to Business Selling Power Words and Strategies from the Worlds Top Sales Experts is a great book enriched in informative and detailed conversations with worlds top sales experts.

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