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Treating New Employees Like New Clients

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We all understand the value and benefits of a positive employee experience, particularly in those heady first days of recruitment and new hire onboarding. But how many companies are guilty of setting and forgetting the employee experience once they enter the system? The candidate may have a wonderful recruitment experience, building a relationship with the recruiter and HR team, but is that where the relationship has to end?

So how can HR change the way it supports employees to grow with the organization?

Many of my clients are starting to reconsider the role of HR practitioners, to create a more robust workforce: “Technology has had a huge impact on HR departments’ recruitment and onboarding processes. A strong focus on automation and filtering means that a lot of the tedious grunt work has been removed from day-to-day hiring. This now means that HR departments are in a unique position to add value by focusing on not only attracting the right people but retaining them by helping them to build relationships with the business. We must start to focus on creating a competitive edge over other businesses vying for the brightest and best, through relationships.”

Rethinking HR Department structures – relationships over workstreams

Onboarding software has saved HR departments thousands of manhours each year, and with the latest advances in AI technology, the role of an HR officer is changing at lightspeed. HR teams are already interpreting data through ATS software programs. Emerging AI technology will start to collect data based on soft skills and other psychometric data from VR programs, which HR teams will need to start interpreting.

Where HR teams can really have an impact is by creating a point of difference in the employee onboarding experience. While many businesses focus on surprising and delighting the customer, progressive HR departments are viewing employees in the same way at all stages of their experience with the business.

The candidate experience starts with the recruiter

Your offer to a top candidate has been accepted, now what? Typically recruiters have taken the time to develop a relationship with the candidate, only to pass the relationship onto another HR officer post-offer who may manage onboarding. Then the HR team passes the candidate on to the hiring manager. But what if we re-assessed how HR departments split tasks, and made teams employee-centric rather than divided by HR specialty? And what if a new employee maintains one single point of contact throughout their career in your organization? Organizations should start seeing their employees as their most important asset and consider providing a service similar to how they treat major clients.

The first point of contact in HR becomes that employee’s relationship manager from application to arrival and ongoing throughout their career. They could be the friendly face to meet the candidate on the first day; someone who knows them and is ready to introduce them to their new peers. They would then act as their first port of call for 1:1s, issues, reviews and any other support services an employee requires. Imagine how an employee would feel about a company who allocates an HR manager to them? Who understands them, knows their history and truly values them enough to invest in their career? Now that would be refreshing.

About the Author

Anwar Khalil is a physicist, computer scientist, and entrepreneur, Anwar disrupted the job advertising industry in 2003. He launched the pioneering job multi-posting platform Adlogic. In 2010, Anwar led an awesome team who took Adlogic to yet another level. They launched MyRecruitment+ as an end-to-end recruitment software.

MyRecruitment+ is a recruitment and onboarding platform used by in-house and agency recruiters to manage job advertising, and all facets of the onboarding process. Electronic request-to-hire workflow management

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